株式会社ブライトリンク社(代表取締役佐藤明香里)はドライ盆栽作家 藤田茂男(有限会社ボンサイアート 代表取締役)が独自に製作するDRY BONSAI®を展示・発表していく世界初のドライ盆栽サロンをオープンします。今まで非公開だった製作手法も含め、ドライ盆栽のプレミアムな製作体験講座やスターターキットも申込受付・限定販売を開始する。(所在地:東京都中央区銀座1丁目20−9岡崎ビル6F)オープン記念として、初日から1週間は作家藤田茂男本人在廊によるウェルカム週間といたします。この期間はご予約不要です。以後通常営業は完全予約制ドライ盆栽専用サロンです。
【Welcome Week】2019年3 月6日~3 月12日11:00-18:00


The world’s first dry bonsai salon will open in Ginza, Tokyo, where the Olympic Games were ahead.
– The world attention, dispatching a new bonsai that had never existed from Tokyo · Ginza –

Brightlink Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Akari Sato) will open the world’s first dry bonsai salon to exhibit and announce DRY BONSAI®, which is produced by a dry bonsai writer Shigeo Fujita (Representative Director of Bonsai Art Co., Ltd.) . Including production methods that were previously unpublished, premium production experience courses and starter kits of dry bonsai will also be accepted and limited sale will be started. (Location: 20-9 Okazaki Building 6F, Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) As an opening memorial, for a week from the first day we will be a welcome week by artist Shigeo Fujita’s gallery. Reservation is unnecessary during this period. Normally sales are a completely reserved seasonal bonsai salon.
【Welcome Week】 March 6th – March 12th 2019 11: 00-18: 00
Special exhibition of nearly 50 pots from cute dry bonsai to large type dry bonsai of object type near 2.. On the wall, artist Masayama navigator ‘s bonsai art work is also exhibited and you can see the unprecedented bonsai space. I would be pleased if you could see it with your own eyes.

<For people like this>
· Bonsai fans from overseas (Dry bonsai can be returned overseas)
· Person who wants to see state-of-the-art bonsai with his own eyes
· If you would like to custom-make it as your own preference as an interior, art, or object
· Person who wants to experience the experience of making dry bonsai